Try MYINSIGHT with three easy steps

MYINSIGHT is here! Our hope is that this personal financial management tool will help you better understand and manage your finances by being able to visualize all your records in one place!

When you first access MYINSIGHT, you will be prompted to accept our Terms and Conditions. You can review the Terms and Conditions at any time in Settings. After acceptance, all of your Travis accounts will be imported automatically, so you can get started with managing those accounts right away. Certain actions in MYINSIGHT, however, will be easier if you complete your financial profile first.

Here are some things to consider when first using MYINSIGHT:

Add all external accounts

This includes checking and savings accounts, investments, credit cards, loans, mortgages and other lines of credit from other financial institutions and companies, so you can view your whole financial life on the platform.

Review your transaction history

Transactions will be automatically categorized but MYINSIGHT won’t know how your spending was designated. For instance, MYINSIGHT won’t know whether a purchase at a department store was meant to be a regular purchase or not. By reviewing and adjusting your transaction history, you can accurately see where your money is going.

Set up a budget

MYINSIGHT can automatically generate a budget based on your spending history from the previous 90 days. It will calculate the average amount you spend monthly in each category, giving you a realistic starting point for your budget. This will help point out the strong point and weak points in your spending habits.

For more information about the MYINSIGHT digital money management tool, visit