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Smart Financial Moves in Your 40's and 50's


This article outlines simple steps to take in your 40's and 50's to advance your retirement planning.

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Brush Up on Your IRA Facts


If you own an IRA, be sure you are familiar with all the latest rules governing them, including contribution limits, tax deductibility rules, and distribution guidelines.

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Not all lenders are created equal


When lenders use alternative credit data, more consumers are approved.

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TransUnion eyes potential home equity boom. Will this boom mean you?


Due to the current climate around home values after the 2008 crash, HELOC’s are primed for a comeback.

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To Spend or to Save – A Tax Question


Finding the right ways to spend your tax return.

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Valentine's Day savings tips


Spending less this Valentine’s Day is a possibility! Find out how!

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Do you need tax help?


With tax season upon us, TCU is offering free tax return services for anyone in the community with a 2017 income of $54,000 or less.

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New vehicle models are hitting the lots for the new year


Kelley Blue Book announces the best vehicle buys of 2018.

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Building a Budget in 10 Easy Steps


Learn how to budget and get on the path to financial success.

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The season of giving is upon us


A charitable donation might be the perfect gift this holiday season.

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Don't be money stressed this holiday season


A healthy holiday budget can help keep your season merry and bright.

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'Tis the season to start shopping


Conquering your holiday gift list doesn’t have to be stressful.

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Will you be ready for retirement?


Data suggests that future retiree expectations differ from current retirement realities.

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Have you booked your holiday travels?


Booking early can lead to a stress-free holiday.

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Healthy eating on a family budget


Clean eats don’t have to come at a cost!

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Credit card utilization has major impacts on your credit score


So how much credit should you really be using?

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In love with your credit score


Studies show that credit scores may impact your dating prospects.

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Safely using your credit card while traveling


These travel tips can help you enjoy your trip and keep your cards safe.

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Basics of car maintenance


Extend the life of your vehicle with these simple tips.

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What teens should know about managing their money


Teaching your teen personal finance skills will prepare them for the future.

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The steps in the home-buying process


Be prepared to take this major financial step.

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Why aren't Americans saving more money?


This study finds out why we don’t save enough.

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Tips for first-time homebuyers


We’ve made it easier for you when preparing to buy a new home!

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Utilize home equity to pay for popular home improvement projects


The renovation you’ve been wishing for might be worth your while.

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Auto maintenance tips for the everyday driver


Keep your car healthy to stay on the road regularly.

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Prevent credit card fraud while traveling


Thieves are always looking to take advantage of tourists.

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Refinance your home now to save for the future


Reduce your monthly mortgage and allocate the money elsewhere.

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Take advantage of high home values


Use the equity that has grown for something important.

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Americans still behind the 8-ball of credit card debt


Even more people have a greater amount of plastic debt than emergency savings.

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Plan your dream wedding on a budget


Your big day doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

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Five ways to develop overall healthier habits


Old habits die hard, but you can still make a change.

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Beware of phone calls from fake IRS agents


Thieves are targeting unwary tax filers this year.

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Planning for international travel


Here are some things to keep in mind before departing.

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Credit card debt continues to be a growing burden on Americans


Interest rates projected to rise in the upcoming year.

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Details matter for first-time vacation home buyers


Consider cost, location and agreements before making a commitment.

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Benefits of a pre-approved auto loan


With a pre-approval, you can focus on the vehicle – not the financing.

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Credit card debt remains an issue for Americans


Most households in U.S. have more than $15,000 in credit card debt.

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Paperless statements save time, money


Transitioning to digital statements is an overall benefit to credit union members.

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Anticipate 2017’s tax bill now


Get a strategy planned early this year so you’re not scrambling later.

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How to handle post-holiday returns


Be prepared to show more than just a receipt.

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Build your savings nest egg over time


Develop a strategy to accumulate cash over time.

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Help your child aim for high SAT and ACT scores


Here are a few ways your child can prepare to give their best effort on either test.

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Beware of ATM security risks


Remember to exercise these common safety tips.

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Keep safety in mind when banking online


Cybercriminals are always looking for an easy way in – don’t give it to them.

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Put some thought into charitable donations


Look into the organizations you’ll be giving cash to.

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Shop wisely this winter


Don’t lose your focus during the holiday season.

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Home buyer trends see mortgage rates decrease as property sizes increase


National Association of Realtors looks over 35 years of data to examine tendencies.

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As American incomes jump, importance of allocation does, too


Easy to spend an increase in cash but better to examine overall cash flow.

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How GAP can protect your auto loan


Protect yourself financially in case your car is totaled.

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College planning with your high-school senior


Here’s how you can help your child prepare for college.

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Enrolling in community college has worthwhile benefits


Reserving the jump to a four-year college can save you a lot of money.

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Scammers, fraudsters evolve with growth of technology


Schemes to steal personal information will only increase and spread.

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Cyber security is a critical part of internet safety


Do your part to make sure you don’t get duped.

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MYINSIGHT helps keep your financial goals on track


Powerful, personal finances platform makes monitors spending, debts and net worth easy.

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Why credit card debt consolidation is a good thing


Roll all your credit card payments into a single monthly bill.

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MYINSIGHT to debut in Online Banking this September


Account aggregation helps simplify money management for members.

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Summer heat bring higher energy expenses


Air conditioners can drive up an energy bill exponentially.

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Use of HELOCs are plenty


Tap into your home’s equity for home improvement and more.

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The number of uninsured working adults drop


The U.S. Census Bureau surveyed insured adults across U.S. counties.

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Jumbo loans bridge the gap between buyers, high-value properties


Super-sized home loans can make a dream home purchase a reality.

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Internet safety will always be a priority


As the web evolves, so will cybersecurity issues and the need to be vigilant.

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Don’t fall for a scam or swindle


Jumping at what sounds like the first good offer could leave you in a financial hole.

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Small-town USA feel present in Atwater


Members who bank in central valley love the comfort of the community.

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Merced Branch employees lend a helping hand


Travis Credit Union employees commit to helping member save rent money, then help him move.

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Make sure the grad party isn’t a dud


Follow these steps to have an unforgettable celebration.

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Here’s how to not get your college acceptance rejected


Just because you’ve received an acceptance letter doesn’t mean you can stop attending class.

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Low gas prices dip into Consumer Price Index over winter


With summer approaching, it is unlikely that the small dip will continue.

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Consumers still buying new cars


Auto sales increase, along with the costs.

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Ride-sharing hasn't chipped into car sales – yet


Sharing a vehicle may be cheaper but it isn’t always convenient.

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Health expenses can stack and appear quickly


Be ready for unexpected health expenses, even if you think you don’t need it.

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Personal loans likely to be hot in 2016


More than 34 million anticipating applying for one by the end of the year.

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Small-town feel is present in Atwater


Members who bank in central valley love the comfort of the community.

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Merced Branch lends a helping hand


Travis Credit Union employees commit to helping member save rent money, then help him move.

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How to look at your credit report


Don’t rely on one agency or score for your lending worthiness.

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Social media is two-way career street


Sharing too much can get you fired, but not posting enough may not get you hired.

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Make sure your FAFSA application is filed sooner than later


Start early so your financial aid doesn’t get delayed.

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Finding a work mentor is valuable


Learning the ropes is a key part to growing in any workplace.

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Tax refunds should flow smoothly


Majority of taxpayers can expect refunds in less than three weeks.

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Scholarships start path to cost-free education


Thousands of scholarships available for high school students in the U.S.

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Credit union values expected to increase


As assets increase, overall numbers of credit unions expected to decrease.

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Update contact info to protect against fraud


Cover yourself to fight against identity thieves and to be informed about your money in a timely manner.

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Online statements provide convenience, security


Going paperless with financial documents can be a safe and secure way to review account activity.

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Financial counseling options available for various needs


Regardless of your debt amount, a financial counselor or planner can help you better manage your money.

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Make improving your finances a New Year's resolution


Start 2016 with steps to improve your personal finances and you’ll be better off a year from now.

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Your car might get hacked – seriously


Recent incident with hacking of SUV brings awareness to security flaw.

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Donations to charity are a viable tax-deduction option


If you think you’ll get stung come tax time in 2016, think about your options beforehand.

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Financial tips that are always beneficial


Check out these reminders that will improve your finances throughout the new year and beyond.

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Submit college and financial aid applications now


Admissions probability, likelihood of proper financial aid reward all comes with turning in forms well before deadlines.

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Start your holiday planning with these tips


Here are some reminders to help you stick to your holiday budget and to be more prepared for the busy shopping season.

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Preparing your savings account for the holidays


It’s best to make sure you have a surplus of cash as opposed to not enough.

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Home-buying seasons vary, but it’s ultimately up to you


Potential homebuyers need to work backwards from their move-in date to determine when it’s right for them to buy a home.

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New auto models arrive with increasing technology


Apple CarPlay one of the signature additions to 2016 models.

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Account email alerts are valuable financial tools


Setting up email alerts for your financial accounts provide real-time notifications of transactions and other activities.

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Take advantage of Credit Union membership


There are a few reasons why joining a credit union is better than being a bank customer.

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Credit union movement has world-wide reach, history


International Credit Union Day had it stops and starts in the 1920s, but is now here to stay.

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What kind of investments are student loans?


More people view student loans as a bad investment.

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Examining the path to home ownership


The realization that you can own a home is the start of journey to closing escrow.

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Is driving your car damaging your skin?


Sun protection may be needed even while driving.

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Take care of your parents as the years pass


Your mom and dad aren’t getting any younger, they’ll need a watchful eye down the line.

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Rate at which homeowners protect valuables varies by region


Survey shows homeowners vary in protecting their valuables.

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How many people are using Mobile Banking?


More people are using smartphones for financial transactions more than ever.

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Laptops, mobile devices off back-to-school lists


More frugal shoppers mean less spending on big-ticket school items.

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Credit unions offer better rates, lower fees than banks


One financial institution’s goal is help its members achieve their financial goals, while the other is to cut a profit.

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Cal Grants can aid in cost of undergraduate education


Those who qualify can receive over $10,000 per year in aid.

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Emergency savings versus credit card debt


Credit card debt that seems safe and manageable can become an untenable burden if you’re experiencing a job loss or family medical emergency. That is one big reason why your credit card debt should never exceed the amount you’ve set aside in your emergency fund.

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Is bundling your insurance a good deal?


Protection through one major coverage provider can have its benefits and drawbacks depending on how you approach the potential deal at hand.

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Five steps towards good money practices


Being goal-oriented when it comes to cash can set you up for a bright financial future.

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Follow vigilant ATM and credit card safety basics while traveling


If there's anywhere you should be "watching your back" the most, it's when you're withdrawing cash or making a purchase in an unknown place.

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How to protect your auto loans with GAP, MBI and MVP Insurance


Avoid the powerless feeling of being unable to afford to fix your vehicle by securing protection at the beginning of your loan.

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Personal financial safety basics


Just because it simplifies paying for things doesn't mean it's the best thing to do in terms of security.

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Protecting your home for a vacation


Securing your most important asset should be priority No. 1 before packing your bags.

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Seeking financial counseling services


When it all just becomes too much, it may be time to step back and get professional help.

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Crossovers lead the new vehicle charge


New vehicle sales were up again in February, and the cross utility vehicle (CUV) segment took the biggest share, according to new data from the National Automobile Dealers Association.

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Tips to keep your mobile device secure


Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are the mainstay in how we communicate today in this ever-changing digital world. Because these devices can gather a lot of your personal and financial information, there are risks if your smartphone is lost or stolen.

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Your supermarket may be changing


An amazing change took place in America in January 2015 – one that will affect millions of American households each and every day. Was it a war, or the outbreak of a terrible new flu stain? No, it was the merger of Albertsons and Safeway.

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A third of Americans have no retirement savings


It’s no secret that most Americans have too little saved to fund a happy retirement at age 65. Research shows there are millions of people in their 30s, 40s and 50s who have nothing set aside for their retirement years.

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Watch out for phishing scams


The number and sophistication of phishing scams sent out to people continues to increase dramatically. While online banking and e-commerce are very safe, as a general rule you should be careful about giving out your personal financial information over the Internet, including email. You should be suspicious of any email with urgent requests for personal financial information.

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