Is your high schooler financially literate?

If your child is in high school, they’re most likely starting to make their own financial decisions.

Unfortunately, not enough high school students are receiving the financial education they need to survive in today’s complex environment. In fact, according to the non-profit Next Gen Personal Finance organization, only 1 in 6 high school students nationwide are required to take a personal finance course to graduate.

When you think about it, we’re potentially sending millions of kids out into the world without a good understanding about how personal finance works. Many young adults may not be familiar with the various “tricks of the trade” used in consumer lending to trap the unwary into a form of long-term debt. They also may not know how compounding interest works in their favor – but only when not saddled with high-interest debt. Most importantly, these teens may not realize the importance of establishing healthy financial habits at an early age.

Travis Credit Union is doing its best to combat this lack of knowledge, because this is what we do. Our mission is to grow financial success in the communities we serve to help you live better. As part of our Awesome Cause, we are dedicated to fostering financial education at every stage of life.

This is why we’ve launched our new online Financial Education Hub to help you find the right path. Our members now have FREE access to more than 20 financial education courses designed to make your financial life immediately better.

These fun and informative online courses are the perfect place for people of all ages to enrich their financial education. We have topics especially designed to teach young people the basics of building savings, financing higher education, credit card basics and more.

Are you ready to explore our multitude of financial topics? Visit to get started!

Financial Education Hub Awesome Cause


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