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Ways to build positive personal finances

Student loan debt a reality for many college graduates


Student debt is the first taste of adult life financial responsibilities

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Summer Internships no longer the office coffee fetcher


Summer internships are a great career jumping off point.

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February marks Financial Aid Awareness Month


You have options when it comes to financing college.

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Millennials are developing some expensive habits


How much is that daily latte really costing you?

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Job search strategies for recent Grads


How to start job hunting

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The Do's and Don'ts of your first credit card


Learn how credit works and when to use it.

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Money tips for incoming college students


Staying with your budget in college can be difficult – but not impossible.

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Popular student discount programs for co-eds


A college education is expensive. Student discounts can help.

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Start retirement savings early


A lack of retirement savings is one of the biggest financial regrets.

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A new car can cost you more than the sticker price


Consider these additional costs before buying a new vehicle.

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Budgeting tips for young adults


A few tips for young adults to best prepare financially for the future.

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First time car buyer, what you need to know


Steps to remember when buying a car.

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Prepare for student loan repayment


After graduation, borrowers have six months until loan repayment arrives.

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Benefits of credit card rewards


Rewards programs offer incentives to cardholders.

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Social (media) security


Do the simplest, easiest thing to protect your privacy.

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Summer school can be beneficial despite drawbacks


Quick classes, varying class size mean professors and instruction can produce mixed results.

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Think ahead with a 401k retirement plan


Don’t arrive in your golden years without any long-term savings.

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What to do with your tax refund


A refund that may feel like 2–3 regular paydays requires some decision-making.

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Refinancing your auto loan


A lower interest rate could free up extra cash each month.

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Where to find tax help


As the tax season approaches, know where to find help.

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Financial counseling services are available


Seeking professional advice can help you become a better money manager.

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Conquer the crowds this holiday season


Here’s how you can avoid the shopping mall frenzy.

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Unwrap the secrets to smart gift-giving


As the holidays approach, get ready to shop the right gifts.

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Protect yourself from the unexpected


Insurance provides the financial security net millennials need.

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International Credit Union Day


Let’s celebrate the community-first, not-for-profit banking alternative that credit unions represent.

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Credit union history


Take a look at the history of “People helping People.”

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Social media savvy can sway your career path


Be cautious and attentive of your digital footprint.

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Check out these must-have mobile apps for recent grads


Your smartphone can help with the transition to life after college.

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Don't be fooled - you can have fun on a budget


Don’t let your wallet determine your fun factor.

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Online study tools for students


Check out these websites that could impact your academic success.

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Job search strategies for college grads


Find out how to get an edge on the competitive job market.

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Millennials aren't connecting with credit cards, yet


Young adults are gaining fame as a relatively credit-shy generation.

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More than 30 percent of millennials owe $20K-plus in student loans


Those with student debt feel it’s holding them back from a home purchase.

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Millennials are avoiding stocks


Many young adults are shying away from stocks.

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How to deter impulse buying


Do yourself and your wallet a favor next time you shop.

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Student loan repayment plan options


Find the right repayment plan for you.

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Cool cars that won't break the bank


Kelley Blue Book has produced a list of cool cars under $18,000.

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Can car companies make the world a better place?


Consumers are more likely to buy a car if maker promotes social causes.

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Millennials show signs of leadership traits


Staffing firm believes today’s young adults can be tomorrow’s bosses.

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Travis CAPTION THIS Giveaway!


Are you ready to CAPTION THIS one more time?

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Examine these things during a test drive


The car you want may look good but don’t put image over safety.

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Steps towards buying your First Car


Buying your first car is not as daunting as you think.

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This year’s graduates will average $32,000 in debt


In addition, students surveyed also said they don’t have a job lined up.

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Student loan repayment arrives quickly


Borrowers start paying the loans six months after they graduate.

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Teenagers can establish credit with Youth Accounts


Joint access accounts help parent guide their children.

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Be wary of shady student loan programs


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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Where will you be going? Peak travel season approaches


Ready for a trip? Here are some tips

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Find out which home financing option is best for you


You don’t always have to front the standard 20-percent down on a mortgage.

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Three tips toward creating computer passwords


The characters you use and the size of your password can make a difference.

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Reliability ranks No. 1 in new vehicle consideration


Car buyers want to make sure their wheels get to point A to B consistently.

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Rising interest rates raise anxiety


Survey says a decent portion of Americans are concerned.

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Five things to buy your Valentine


Are you the one who gives flowers, chocolate or something else?

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Tax help for millennials


Young adults looking for tax breaks from Uncle Sam can take steps to lower the amount of money they may owe come tax time.

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Applying for a line of credit isn’t the hard part


Maintaining a smart credit profile once you have credit cards is the best practice.

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Check out these tips on buying, maintaining and selling your car


Operating a vehicle can be an essential part of our daily lives.

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What to keep in mind as credit offers arrive


Just because you can qualify for a $10,000 auto loan doesn’t mean you need to use the entire loan.

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Working while on vacation more prevalent


Stepping back from work duties often involves remaining in touch with the office.

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Auto loan pre-approvals have benefits


Showing up to a dealership with a set spending limit and rate can leave you in control when it comes time to negotiate.

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Password creation is top identity protection priority


Having the right combination can help protect your personal information from thieves or hackers who attempt to guess or steal it.

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How mobile banking can simplify your life


The days of tracking every expense in a checkbook have given way to checking balances and making deposits instantly.

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Millennials can manage money properly with time, dedication


The transition from a life of living on “peanuts” in college to receiving a regular paycheck in the workforce can lead to a culture shock for new graduate.

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How to examine the sales price of a car


The sticker cost is only one dynamic of the total cost of a vehicle.

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How to start networking


It takes a lot more than just jumping into the work force in 2015 to build a solid professional network of contacts in your industry.

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Money management for newlyweds


The financial well-being of the people who say "I do" can determine the success of a marriage.

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How to find the best deal for auto insurance


Buy enough protection to cover yourself first, your vehicle second and don't over do coverage if the vehicle doesn't warrant it.

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General credit card knowledge


Your first credit card can set you up for a bright financial future, if you take advantage of its benefits.

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Maintaining a low debt-to-income ratio


The path to financial independence includes living within your means and not overspending.

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Building a solid savings account


It’s always important to have money in the bank in case “something” happens. Living paycheck-to-paycheck is no way to live a healthy financial life.

For example, financial experts suggest that at the minimum, you should have three months of living expenses saved up should you become suddenly unemployed. That’s just one example of how to prepare for a rainy day. Here are some other ways to build a healthy and immediate savings account.

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E-cigarettes are becoming more popular with kids


E-cigarette use is on the rise among American high school students, even as conventional cigarettes smoking declines in popularity, according to some new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC).

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The best Mother’s Day gift is …


Would you believe that jewelry is the most popular Mother’s Day Gift? It’s true, according to the results of a survey from the March of Dimes.

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