Where will you be going? Peak travel season approaches

Spring is here, and the need to travel and explore may already be whispering in your ear. If summer travel plans are on the table, be sure you do your homework so that your trip is fun, safe and within budget.

Here are a few to things to keep in mind as you prepare your summer getaway.

Evaluate destinations

Compare where you’d like to go with where you can actually go on your budget. Take into account the travel time necessary to get there, along with travel costs and living accommodations. Consider whether you will need to rent a car, go on organized bus tours or walk. All of these are factors on deciding the best destination for the buck.

Accommodations matter

Of course, staying at a hotel eats into your travel budget. While some consider their accommodations as just a place to sleep while exploring the town, others actually seek out and consider resorts their home away from home. If you’re staying with a local friend or family member, you’ll likely have more money to spend on other aspects of the trip. The point is to think about the best accommodations for your travel plans.


In this day and age, safety while traveling is a major concern, especially if you’re traveling abroad. Check with the U.S. State Department for travel alerts for Americans traveling overseas. As of late April, the State Department has issued a travel alert for Europe. For more information on State Department advisories and alerts, visit their website.

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