Don’t be the Phish at the end of the pole

Don’t take the bait. Thieves tempt their targets into giving up confidential information, including Social Security Numbers, credit card numbers and personal identification numbers. The information they gather through these schemes can allow them to make fraudulent charges, withdraw money from accounts and steal identities.

This type of fraud is called phishing, or when it occurs through text, smishing. Phishing victims are commonly targeted through an unsolicited email or pop-up window; smishing victims are targeted through unsolicited text messages.

The messages may appear to be from a valid company, stating a reason for requesting the confidential information and asking the recipient to link to a “secure site” to input the information, download software to protect their system or reply to the text message. The site is not secure and only a close replica of the true site.

If you receive an email, or any type of electronic request, soliciting personal account or password information, Never follow the link or reply to the text message and provide the requested information.

Remember, Travis Credit Union will never contact a member online to ask for confidential information or confirm information we already have. For more information on how Travis can help keep your identity safe, visit our website at

If you receive a suspicious email from Travis Credit Union, please inform us immediately by calling our Member Services Center at (800) 877-8328 or contacting your local branch. Report suspicious activity or email communications to the Federal Trade Commission at or by calling (877) 438-4338.

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