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February 2016

Americans lack emergency funds


Most would have to borrow money to cover an unexpected expense.

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How to look at your credit report


Don’t rely on one agency or score for your lending worthiness.

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Social media is two-way career street


Sharing too much can get you fired, but not posting enough may not get you hired.

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Credit score improvement takes time, patience


Credit standing can evaporate quickly, and may take years to rebuild.

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Reliability ranks No. 1 in new vehicle consideration


Car buyers want to make sure their wheels get to point A to B consistently.

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Military Saves Week and the pledge to save


Find out how your family can reach its savings goal.

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Make sure your FAFSA application is filed sooner than later


Start early so your financial aid doesn’t get delayed.

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Rising interest rates raise anxiety


Survey says a decent portion of Americans are concerned.

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Finding a work mentor is valuable


Learning the ropes is a key part to growing in any workplace.

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Valentine’s Day gifts on a budget


February’s special day doesn’t need big pockets to be enjoyed.

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Tax refunds should flow smoothly


Majority of taxpayers can expect refunds in less than three weeks.

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Five things to buy your Valentine


Are you the one who gives flowers, chocolate or something else?

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