Cal Grants can aid in cost of undergraduate education

It’s free money for college students who need it. And the process to receive it is nearly seamless, as long as you qualify and apply early.

If you’re a student looking for as much financial aid possible, be sure to check into Cal Grants first. Disbursed by the California Student Aid Commission, Cal Grants are free grants to students who submit a FASFA application and a verified Cal Grant GPA form.

If you fall within the student aid commission’s numbers, you can receive up to $12,240 per school year to use on almost any school expenses.

Funding a college education in the 21st century is no inexpensive thing. Here’s a good way to describe it. Imagine purchasing an upgraded or luxury mid-size sedan (around $40,000) – that’d be a good way of describing the cost of tuition and fees an undergraduate four-year education. That doesn’t include the cost of food, room and board and other miscellaneous costs.

Now, look at the degree in your hand when you’re walking during commencement. It was either the piece of paper in your hand that they can (more than likely not) take away from you, or the luxury vehicle which will always depreciate in value.

An education, no matter the costs on paper, is invaluable. And you can’t put a price on raising your standard of living.

For more information, please visit the California Student Aid Commission website at